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Jagjit Singh - Inteha Hindi

Album Name : Inteha
Singer : Jagjit Singh
Year : 2009
Music : Jagjit Singh
Lyrics : Payyam Sayeedi,
Faragh Ruhavi, Rajinder Masoom,
Aalok Shrivastav, Amjad Islam Amjad,
Naseem Ajmeri

Jagjit Singh - Inteha Hindi

1 - Inteha Aaj Ishq Ki Kar Di-Download

2 - Aap Ke Dil Ne Humein Awaaz Di-Download

3 - Khoob Nibhegi Hum Donon Mein-Download

4 - Aaina Saamne Rakhoge To Yaad Aaoonga-Download

5 - Kuchh Khona Kuchh Paana-Download

6 - Manzilein Kya Hain Raasta Kya Hai-Download

7 - Door Talak Veerana Hai-Download

8 - Din Dooba Tum Yaad Aaye-Download




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